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Residential and Commercial Roofing Services:

NRCA members specializing in residential and commercial roofs for schools, hospitals, commercial, industrial, hospitality, and retail facilities in the greater Houston, TX. Anchor Roofing Inc. is certified to install a wide variety of roofing products by CertainTeed, GAF, Duro Last, Hydro Stop, James Hardie, Berridge, and many other prominent manufacturers.

What makes them Special and Unique? Unlike many other companies in the roofing industry that are notorious for cutting corners to save time and money on the installation, Anchor Roofing specifies and completes all the jobs in accordance with the Texas building code, which helps ensure durability and longevity of your home or building and the roof.

Here is why installing a roof in accordance with the building code matters a lot: A roof is not a just a trivial component of a home or a building, it's an indispensable part of a building envelope protecting your property. A properly planned, designed, and installed roof will not only last longer than a value-engineered roof (the one that is quickly slapped together, without much consideration for the building code, or ventilation of the attic space), but it will also take into the account proper ventilation of your attic space, and in case of commercial roofs, a proper functioning of all the drainage components, and flashing details.

Anchor Roofing employs an experienced team of architects, engineers, specifiers and roof consultants all of whom work as a team to design the kind of a commercial roofing system that will last for as long as possible, while also helping to attain energy savings, and help preserve the building structure. They work closely with the architects and consultants on client's side, and do things in accordance with the building code and specific requirements of the clients.

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3511 Bering Drive Houston,TX 77057 Phone: (713) 266-2777 Fax: (713) 266-2787



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