Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors Do it Yourself

Fitting a new set of kitchen cabinet doors is a big thing right now for all budding home do it yourself enthusiasts.

The recession is well and truly upon us, people are tightening their purse strings and everybody is into saving money where they can. If you are looking to make some home improvements on the cheap, then doing things like replacing kitchen cabinet doors is a very cost effective way of giving your kitchen a makeover, so it looks like it was just put in yesterday.

The original cupboards, worktops, fittings and accessories can all be left in place or re-used, so there's no waste of perfectly good items and no need to replace them just for the sake of it, and of course it is perfect for those on a tight budget.

The choice of cabinet doors for the customer is huge these days, so you are bound to find something you like pretty easily. There are literally hundreds of kitchen cabinet door designs available, and dozens of colors to choose, ranging from neutral tones to bold and striking colors. The finish can be chosen to suit your kitchen too, and even the materials used to make the doors are up for discussion. Most doors are also available in standard sizes or they can be made to measure, so again there's no need to change anything but the doors unless you really want or have to.

Starting with the designs available; you should really be looking for something that you like the appearance of but also suits your existing kitchen. Perhaps something that will bring it back to life, a splash of color for instance to spruce it up.

If you've got plenty of wood on show, in a traditional style kitchen diner, then you may well want to go for a shaker style door with inset panels as this compliments it perfectly. These also work in smaller rooms, making the area look bigger than it really is. On the other hand, you might well have an ultra-modern kitchen with the latest appliances and sleek lines, so you want a plain, flat door that matches the general theme.

As for the colors, to find one that works you need to decide what you are trying to say with your choice. For instance, bold and bright colors often make the kitchen area stand out, because they clearly separating it from the rest of the home and help make it a clear statement that it is your area, or your kitchen. On the other hand, softer colors are more inviting and encourage people to enter, creating a seamless transition from other areas of your home into the kitchen.

When you are choosing the materials, the answer is to go for something that balances the cost and expected life of the kitchen doors. The finish isn't really an issue here as you can get the doors made to look how you want regardless of what they are made from, though to be honest it's probably a little bit of a waste to take a good solid wood door and wrap it in a vinyl finish.

Cheaper doors won't last as long as more expensive ones, but is that really a problem if you're only filling the gap until you replace the whole cabinet? A solid wood door will look good, but only if your cabinet can take the extra weight and not wear out before the door. This is a vital consideration, but again it depends on how long the stop-gap is between just replacing the doors and refitting the entire kitchen.

Date Created: 27-Oct-2011
Last Updated: 26-Dec-2012
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