Basement Waterproofing with Cavity Drainage Systems

When homeowners have a basement they are always on the lookout for water leaks or damage. It is a known fact that basements, at some point and time, will leak. Homes that are more than 25 years old are certain to have basement damp or water issues. While newer homes are soundly constructed, over time foundations settle and cracks or fissures form that allow moisture into the basement. One of the many possible ways to combat dampness or water in the basement is with a cavity drainage system.

A cavity drainage system is one of several ways to waterproof the basement of a home. When a basement is built, a thin film of a plastic-type material is put in place on all the basement walls and on the floor as well.

During this construction, the floors are purposely sloped to facilitate the draining of water into a sump pump that has been installed for just this reason. If a home is located in an area of the country where the rains year around are only mild in nature, not resulting in dramatic flooding and repeated power outages, this type of home basement waterproofing system is likely all that is needed for effective water removal.

The disadvantages to a using a cavity drainage system for basement waterproofing are: The system is run solely by electric power. This means that in the event of a power outage, the sump pump will stop working and water will build in the basement. Over time, the plastic film that was installed will age and often become mildewed and moldy. When this happens, it will have to be replaced completely.

It is of critical importance that homeowners are vigilant when it comes to water in the basement. A damp basement is a breeding ground for several problems that are detrimental to the people living in the house and to the integrity of the foundation. One of those problems is the onset of mold.

For some people, mold is merely an irritant, but for others with asthma and such breathing difficulties or allergies and sensitivities mold can be a serious health hazard. Another problem for damp basements is the gathering and thriving of termites. Termites are very harmful to a home's foundation, as they will eat away at it until the integrity is compromised. This will result in costly damage and eventually a dangerously unstable structure.

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