Construction Estimating Calculators

Generally speaking, construction estimating can be done by using a project specific construction software, and simple math by adding general and projected costs for all stages of your home improvement construction project.

Roof Estimating

Your roof is the most important structure protecting the building from nature's elements. There are two main types of roofs: slopped and flat roofs. The type of the roof you choose for your existing, or projected building will determine the type of roofing materials you will need to use. Flat roofs are generally covered with EPDM rubber, modified bitumen and PVC flat roofing membranes. Slopped roofs can be covered with asphalt shingles, metal shingles, and sheet metal roofing. Metal roofs cost two to three times more than oil based asphalt shingles, but metal roofs can last two to three times longer, while providing significan energy savings and being good to the environment. Commercial buildings with sloped roofs can be covered with less costly corrugated metal roofing panels that provide energy savings and reliable protection at a much lover initial cost than sheet metal roofing.

Estimating Roof Prices

Following online resources will help you determine projected costs of a roofing project:

  • Roofing Calculator by New England Metal Roof - Estimates roof pricing for most types of roofing materials.
  • Roofing Cost - HomeAdvisor providing information about roofing costs for homes in 2016.

  • House Siding Estimating

    Siding is the the outer element of building envelope. Having energy efficient siding installed around the walls of the house, can provide distinct curb appeal, and energy savings.

    Estimating Siding Prices

    Following online resources will help you determine projected costs of a new siding installation for your home:

  • Siding Cost - HomeAdvisor provides information about siding costs for homes in 2016.

  • Flooring Costs Estimating

    Flooring is an essential part of any interior living area. There are many types of floors you can install inside you new home. Hardwood flooring will be the most expensive type of flooring products to install, while flooring laminates, linoleum, and carpets will cost significantly less per square foot.

    Estimating Flooring Costs

    Following online resources will help you determine projected costs of a installing new floors in your home:

  • - Estimates flooring prices to install hardwood, bamboo, laminated, and carpet floors in your home. You can input your own room size in square feet, as well as prices per square foot.
  • Keep in mind that spending a little extra upfront for higher quality and better performance materials may help you save money and realise higher value in your real estate property in the long run.