Gardening Benefits 101

The purpose of this article is to inspire readers to look in gardening and growing, as well to give them some of the tips and tricks to get the best results.

Gardening has many benefits and is an always growing (get it?) hobby. People have been growing and gardening since nomads realized they could throw their seeds into the ground, wait, and reap colorful and delicious foods. This leads me to one of the most exciting things about gardening; there's so many reasons and benefits. No matter who you are, there's bound to be a reason for you to pick up a tool and throw down some seeds. To list a few possible reasons to consider starting your own nursery:

It's a fun and relaxing hobby Can give you fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables Can brighten up and add some finesse to your yard Can impress your neighbors, make you friends and get you off the couch And many more!

I'm a firm believer in the fundamentals, if you want to get anywhere with anything, start there. Fundamentals aren't new, most have been around a long time and for good reason. In landscaping one fundamental is timing. Plant in the fall and reap in the spring is usually a good rule. Always consult your local gardener or the seed package though when applicable.

Another great fundamental is good tiling of the soil. Take time to remove all rocks and debris, all the pro landscapers do. Once again check the package or plant itself for directions on how much space is needed and how deep to plant, because these will all show later.

One last fundamental is to use a careful and observing eye around the time of the first frost. As this will set you up for better ideas and practices next winter. Plus if you want to really show your garden love and attention shortly after the first frost, dig and loosen the soil around your plant's roots. A big killer of plants after periods of cold is the ground hardening and not allowing for proper water and nutrients to get to the roots.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope with the addition of these fundamentals to your landscaping ideas and growing knowledge, you will soon reap results of your own in addition to helping you develop your own ideas and tips and tricks for gardening and landscaping.

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