Best Rooms to Remodel in Your Home

If your purpose is to sell the home at a better price, the rooms you choose will be different from the ones you would choose if your purpose is to achieve more comfort and improve the decor of your home. If you want to sell your home, your focus should be to make it attractive to a large pool of prospective buyers. If you are thinking about living in it for a while, you want to make it comfortable and suit your particular needs.

With return on investment in mind, the two most important areas of the home to improvement and remodeling are the bathroom and the kitchen. Adding an extra bathroom if you only have one, will prove a smart move. You can convert a large closet or utilize a space that is not much needed. Neutral tones and fixtures should be used to make it marketable to a large number of home buyers.

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families. After the stress in the economy, many families are using more their kitchen and eating out less. Refacing old cabinets and updating old appliances should be first on the list. In addition, painting it in neutral tones is important. The traffic flow should be improved if that means adding or moving an island. Pay attention to flooring in the kitchen as well as countertops, which tend to have much wear and tear signs.

Entertainment outside areas are also important when selling your home. Most home buyers want an area where they can entertain in the warm months. By playing up the best features of your backyard and patio, you can create interest. Add a sitting area and grilling area if you do not have one. A separate playing area that will appeal to families is also recommended. Retirees will be attracted to a lush garden area and relaxing spot. Try to strike a balance between those areas.

If your purpose is to live in your home for many years and feel comfortable and happy in it, then you must evaluate your lifestyle and utilize the rooms in your home in a way that match the way you live or want to live. That will mean utilizing some rooms for another purpose other than the intended. It may involve having a vegetable garden instead of a flower or ornamental garden. In addition, it may involve converting a dining room into an art studio or an office. All changes must fit your lifestyle to provide the comfort you are looking for in a home.

Date Created: 9-Mar-2011
Last Updated: 9-Mar-2011
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